Joel visits with supporters, Mary Ann and Joe Steinbeisser.


  • Passed legislation to restore & return more oil & gas tax money from state to local cities & towns.


  • MT Farm Bureau's "Rookie of the Year" Awardee for above-and-beyond support for Ag. & rural MT.


  • Recognized by the Montana Chamber of Commerce as a, "Champion of Business."

  • Supported a fiscally responsible balanced budget.


  • A legislative leader on support for mental health care and suicide prevention efforts.


  • Pro-life and Pro-2nd Amendment voting record.


  • Fought to keep rural hospitals open, reduce health care costs and co-sponsored prescription drug price transparency legislation.


  • "A" rating from the Montana Chamber of Commerce.

  • "A" rating from the Montana Farm Bureau Federation.

  • "A" rating from the NRA for supporting 2nd Amendment rights.

  • "100%" Pro-Life rating from the Montana Family Foundation.

  • "A" rating from the United Property Owners of Montana.